Case Knife Guide 101

Case knives are premium, hand-crafted items with a rich family history and dedication to quality that makes these knives not only exquisitely functional but also beautifully collectible. Whether you already own several Case knives or are just considering the brand for a specific cutlery purchase, learning more about the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company can help you make the best choice for your next knife.

About the Case Brand

The Case brand of knives began in 1889 when the four Case brothers began making hand-crafted knives and selling them along wagon trails in upstate New York, in the area of Little Valley. Several years later one of their sons joined the company to help with finances and sales, and in 1905 the company relocated to Bradford, Pennsylvania. Today, the brand is owned by the Zippo Manufacturing Company, but its commitment to fine quality knives has not wavered in more than 125 years.

All Case knives are exclusively manufactured in the United States. The blades are hardened steel, finely crafted for their different purposes. The different handles are crafted from time-tested materials, including cattle bone, buffalo horn, stag antler, mother-of-pearl and a variety of other woods and stones. Each knife is beautifully designed to be as attractive as it is functional, and each is date-stamped on the tang. Those unique tang stamps have contributed to the collectability of the knives, and today there are more than 19,000 members in the Case Collectors Club.

Because Case knives are so well-made and highly desirable, they have been licensed through a number of well-known brands. John Deere, Ducks Unlimited®, the Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson®, the United States Marine Corps® and other companies are all proud to partner with Case knives. These knives have even been into space, having been carried by astronauts in the Gemini space program.

Types of Case Knives

The W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is best known for its wide selection of pocket knives in different sizes and styles, and with different types and lengths of blades as well as hooks, punches, screwdrivers, can openers and even forks and spoons integrated into the designs. In addition to pocket knives, however, the company also manufactures…

  • Hunting knives in different sizes, weights and styles
  • Classic Bowie knives and other distinguished fixed-blade favorites
  • Kitchen sets with fillet, paring, chef, slicing, boning and other knives

A range of accessories including display cases, carrying cases, stands, sheaths, sharpeners and other gear to keep your knife looking its best and performing at its peak are also available.

Case knives represent the best of American design, craftsmanship and integrity – why don't you add more of these outstanding knives to your collection today?