Controlling Mosquitoes In Your Lawn

It’s mosquito season and everyone is worried more than ever now that Zika has been all over the news. Let’s face it, mosquitos are not going anywhere and deep down we all know it. One day you’re sitting outside in your backyard having a cold one and looking at the stars when all of sudden smack! You hit your leg because something sneaky, and often hard to see came for you. Just the other day, I found myself spraying myself in the hopes that I could save myself the trouble of scratching and living in fear that something worse might happen to me. We have all been there before. For that reason, in this article we will talk about tips and tricks to control mosquitos in your lawn this summer.

The first and most important tip to controlling those nasty buggers is to get rid of any existing and potential mosquito breeding sites. This is by far the best way to control mosquitos in your lawn as you’re stopping the problem at its source. Anything after this will be a quick fix and not a solution to your problem. In truth, we are our own worst enemy. One of the biggest reasons why is because we leave things around our home that are perfect habitats for mosquitos to breed. Everything from old tires, buckets filled with rainwater, piles of old leaves, dirty gutters, and other areas where stagnant water and organic material is present are perfect spots for mosquitoes to breed and survive. Start by making sure that areas and conditions like these do not exist around your home. Don’t forget to mow your lawn frequently and remove debris. This will not only reduce mosquitoes around your lawn, it will also reduce other pests as well. Another good tip to control mosquitos around your yard is to treat it early in the season. Stop by your local hardware store to grab a gallon jug of lawn insect repellant at a low price. You can use this all around your yard including shrubs and other landscaped areas. It creates a barrier that repels insects without releasing any harmful fumes or chemicals that can affect you or the family. The best part is that it will last up to three weeks so you don’t have to spray but so often this summer. If your yard is surrounded by a woodsy area, then opt for extra measures such as bug lights, misting systems, traps, and zappers. Bug lights are easy to install and misting systems offer a safe way of continuously distributing insecticide (harmless to humans) within a large radius. Misting systems are great for outdoor parties and backyard picnics as they eliminate all pests and not just mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are as much part of summer as pools and backyard BBQs. Protect yourself and your home by utilizing the measures described in this article. Zika has no place in your backyard or anywhere for that fact. Avoid the itch and get started on controlling the mosquitos in your lawn today.